Frequently Asked Questions

Forming a union at Apple OKC

Where did the labor movement come from?

Many of our parents and grandparents fought to join unions. The labor movement was built by activists across the country. And for a time, working men and women enjoyed job security and fair wages. Over the past six decades or so, there has been a concerted effort to weaken unions.

This seems to be changing now, all across America. Union-workers fight for justice on the job.

Welcome to the union family!

Why wear the red bands?

It is important that we all continue to show our unity with each other. We want to take fear out of our workplace, and we can only do that when we all show we are united. Wearing the band is how we do that. Please keep doing your part, wear that band!

Will things always be this tense?

No. Unfortunately, things will probably get more tense just until the election. Once we win, things will settle back down. No one is attacking anyone at Apple. We believe that we can best live up to the CREDO by having a real voice at work. We believe we are stronger, together. We believe that Apple works because we work, and our labor should be recognized. Our strength is our unity.

What's next?

Unfortunately, Apple management will continue to follow the anti-union script it purchased from the Littler Mendelson law firm. So expect more misinformation, hints that we won't win anything in bargaining, asking for a second chance, even making some minor improvements. Expect "round table discussions" with pizza, donuts, etc soon, too. You have the right to not go to these meetings. If they say anything to you that doesn't sound right, ask them to put it in writing. And tell your Organizing Committee.

Management has taken some people outside to speak to them privately. What is that about?

Many times, management may pull workers outside, alone, to speak with them about the union effort. In other campaigns, these workers are sometimes offered promotions if they promise to try to stop the unity that is building up. We don't know what is happening here at Apple, but we don't think it's ethical or right for management to have these secret meetings.

Will we still be able to speak with our supervisors once we win our union?

Of course! It is nonsense if anyone tells you that you won't be able to solve problems with your supervisors once we win. The union will welcome and encourage problem solving on the shop floor. In fact, this is where most issues get fixed!

What about strikes?

Management may make a big part of the anti-union campaign about strikes. When management talks about strikes, it is using fear. In over 99% of CWA-negotiated contracts, there isn't even any threat of a strike. Only members can vote to strike.

Who is running the anti-union campaign?

Apple has hired Littler Mendelson, a very expensive and notorious anti-union law firm to craft its messaging. (This is the same law firm that is trying, and failing, to bust the union at Starbucks). Apple is getting advice and purchasing a script from this law firm on how to keep Apple workers without a voice at work. These attorneys charge about $1,500 per hour to bust your union. For details on what the anti-union script will be, check out

What about dues?

Dues are 1.3% of basic wages. There are never dues on overtime or bonuses; dues are never retroactive, and there is no initiation fee. Dues are only deducted when a union contract is negotiated and approved by the membership here at Apple OKC. Dues helps run our union and keep it strong. Apple's anti-union campaign will make a big deal about dues, but since the company doesn't pay dues, that's not why it is against the union.

So, why is the company really opposed to our union?

Upper executives see that the movement that started in Georgia and Maryland is spreading.
They know that a union shifts the power away from management and towards employees. Like all companies, Apple doesn't want to lose power. Apple is fully aware that unions are pretty effective at improving pay and benefits, and strengthening job security. Apple executives are opposed to your union because unions work.

Is CWA a third party?

No. CWA is a democratic member-run union. All of our leaders are members, elected by their co-workers. Apple will try hard to paint the union as some outside "third party." But the truth is, the union is us. All of us.

Apple employees will choose our own shop stewards, will vote for who runs the union, will elect a bargaining team, and will vote on all contracts. The real third party are the outside union busting attorneys who you will never see - they are running the campaign to defeat your union.